WORKSHOP Session 1: 10:00-11:15am

Advocacy 101: Intro to campaigns
with the Alliance for Biking and Walking
Auditorium (street level)

So you wish that street in your neighborhood was safer to walk on, or that there were more bike lanes in your community. How can you get started? Join us for this introductory session to advocacy where we’ll learn what a campaign is and isn’t, how to hone in on what your issue and goals really are, and start thinking about how to get others to join you.

Session leader(s): Christy Kwan, the Alliance for Biking and Walking
Format: Workshop


Telling Better Stories About Public Transportation
with Mobility Lab
Classroom 220 (atrium level)

Paul Mackie, communications director of Mobility Lab, will give helpful advice on how other industries have turned the tide of public opinion through storytelling that captivates the public’s imagination — and how the public-transportation industry can do the same. We need public transportation — other ways for people to get around besides defaulting to driving alone — to succeed in this country if we are going to build vibrant neighborhoods, reduce terrible traffic, and improve ourselves in countless ways. Paul will discuss messages that work and messages that don’t work — including examples of how Mobility Lab has raised its visibility and the visibility of its causes dramatically in its first four years of existence — as you become a more successful advocate for your communities.

Session leader: Paul Mackie
Format: presentation and discussion


So you think you can blog: Writing so that people actually want to read it
with the editors of Greater Greater Washington
Classroom 224 (atrium level)

Writing about neighborhoods, transportation, and positive change isn’t easy. It’s even harder to do it in a way that gets people excited, draws them in, and spurs them to action. But he team behind Greater Greater Washington has cracked the code on how to do it. Join a few of the blog’s senior editors to learn the “secret sauce” behind  their success, and the foundations of how to write in a way that will keep people interested in what you have to say, and spur them to action. Whether you want to write for Greater Greater Washington, or just brush up your skills, this workshop has something for everyone.

Session leader(s): Aimee Custis, Abigail Zenner
Format: Workshop


How could we get a majority of people to bike? Best practices in bicycling infrastructure
with Toole Design Group
Classroom 228 (atrium level)

Many years ago, Amsterdam and Copenhagen were places where most people drove and few people biked. Today, over half their populations get around by bike, while still less than 1% of our region bikes for transportation. What would it take to change that equation?  Join Jess Zdeb from one of the leading bicycle and pedestrian planning firms, Toole Design Group, for a presentation and discussion about what we know about the best practices in planning and infrastructure to increase bicycling.

Session leader: Jess Zdeb, Transportation Planner, Toole Design Group
Format: Presentation and discussion


Session 2: 11:30am-12:45pm

Advocacy 102: Targets, Tactics, and Timelines
with All Walks DC
Auditorium (street level)

Once you’ve defined your issue and goal, now it’s time to figure out how to win! Get help brainstorming how to focus your energy on the right targets in local government, figuring out what tried-and-true and creative tactics to use to engage your neighbors, and start mapping out a timeline to get started.

Session leader(s): Kelly Blynn, Coalition for Smarter Growth, Kelly Dillon and Joe Riener with All Walks DC
Format: Workshop


The Difficult Rebirth of Walkable Urbanism: Why Do We Need to Keep Pushing So Hard?
with author Ben Ross
Classroom 220 (atrium level)

In recent years urban life gained great appeal, and cities that declined for decades grew again.  Yet the streets that make century-old urban districts so attractive have proved remarkably difficult to reproduce. New Urbanist plans are remarkably hard to carry out without compromise, and even the most successful transit-oriented developments are commonly burdened with excess parking, sidewalk-deadening setbacks, and unwalkable highways. So what holds back the revival of urbanism? Join this session to find out from Ben Ross, author of Dead End: Suburban Sprawl and the Rebirth of American Urbanism.

Session leader: Ben Ross, author and Action Committee for Transit founder
Format: book talk and discussion


Street Design Secrets Revealed
with CNU DC
Classroom 224 (atrium level)

We all want safer, more walkable, more inviting streets. But how do we make it happen? What are the components of a great street? This session will get into the details of street design: what dimensions make streets and intersections safer? How should buildings relate to the street? Why do some streets work better for bikes and transit than others? And how do we make streets that are beautiful? Advocates will come away from this session with the knowledge to make streets in this neighborhood better and safer (and to be able to talk back to the engineers who think they know better).

Session leader(s): Dan Emerine, Congress for the New Urbanism DC Chapter
Format: presentation/discussion


Transit today, tomorrow, and the future: There’s more to it than Metrorail
with Metro planners
Classroom 228 (atrium level)

This session will provide insight on some of the work that Metro’s Office of Planning is undertaking to connect communities to transit via bike and walking access, better balance demand on the system we do have, and encourage discussion of the best transit mode for a corridor. There are many short and medium term solutions to increase the reach of transit into communities, increase development around transit, and improve operations of existing transit, especially on the street.

Session leader(s): Kristin Haldeman, Manager, Access Planning and Policy Analysis, Metro and Allison Davis, Manager, Regional Planning, Metro
Format: presentation/discussion


unconference session 1: 1:30pm-2:30pm

How Safe Routes to School are driving change in the greater Washington DC region
with Safe Routes to School National Partnership
Auditorium (street level)

Safe Routes to School National Partnership staff Matthew Colvin and Keith Benjamin will lead a panel of speakers in a discussion about how Safe Routes to School have transformed communities and created greater opportunities for improved health and the safety of our children throughout the region. The discussion will include regional examples of how parents, advocates, and government officials have worked together to solidify support for healthy walking and biking. In particular, the session will bring a unique focus on equity in transportation.

Session leader(s): Matthew Colvin: Greater Washington, DC Policy Manager, Keith Benjamin: Street Scale Campaign Manager
Format: Discussion. We would like to open this up to be a wider discussion on creating safer streets with equity in mind.


Transit campaigns that get results
with Americans for Transit
Classroom 228 (atrium level)

So you're not happy with transportation options in your neighborhood--we understand! This session will help you get clear on what you want, understand how agencies make decisions on service, routes, and transit stop locations, and how to use this information to get results!

Session leader: CeCe Grant, Executive Director of Americans for Transit
Format: training


More housing, Less parking: Policies, Messages & Coalitions
Classroom 218 (atrium level)

Session leader: Payton Chung
Format:  discussion


How to make a great, low stress bicycle network plan
Classroom 220 (atrium level)

Session leader: Matt Johnson & Paul Moser
Format: presentation & discusstion

Gender and Public Space
Classroom 224 (atrium level)

Session leader: Emma Tinsley
Format: discussion



Zoning 101 in the District of Columbia
with the DC Office of Zoning
Auditorium (street level)

New to Washington DC? Want to know about how zoning shapes our city? Want to know how to navigate the zoning process? If you said yes to any of these questions, come to this Zoning 101 session. Esther Bushman from the Office of Zoning will be giving a comprehensive overview, covering: 1) An Overview of Zoning and Zoning in the District of Columbia, 2) An Overview of the Zoning Process and 3) An Overview of ANC’s and citizen’s roles.

Session leader: Esther Bushman
Format: presentation and discussion


Meeting the demand for affordable housing near transit: what will it take?
with the Coalition for Smarter Growth
Classroom 228 (atrium level)

There's so much demand to live within walking distance of transit in our region that ensuring people of all incomes can afford it is a huge challenge. Join Cheryl Cort, Policy Director for the Coalition for Smarter Growth, and David Cristeal, Director of Housing for Arlington County for a primer on the theories, policy tools, and real life examples to meet the growing need for affordable housing near transit, and a discussion of how we can support affordable housing in our communities around the region.

Session leaders: Cheryl Cort, Policy Director for the Coalition for Smarter Growth, and David Cristeal, Director of Housing for Arlington County
Format: presentation and discussion


Ask an ANC Commissioner - there are no stupid questions
Classroom 218 (atrium level)

Session leader: Abigail Zenner, ANC 3B03
Format: Q&A discussion


Adopting Vision Zero In our Region
Classroom 220 (atrium level)

How to get community buy-in to work toward zero traffic fatalities.
Session leader: Jerry King, Mary Lauren Hall 
Format: discussion


BEYOND Blogging 101 with Greater Greater Washington
Classroom 224 (atrium level)

Session leader: Dan Malouff & Aimee Custis
Format: Q&A discussion