StreetsCamp 2015 was held on June 20 at the Georgetown School of Continuing Studies in Washington, DC.
Stay tuned for news of StreetsCamp 2016!


What is streetscamp?

advocacy knowledge + technical knowledge = power!

StreetsCamp is a one-day summit to give you, your friends, and your neighbors the tools to make your streets better: safer for walking and bicycling, transit-friendly, and more.

StreetsCamp includes both subject matter and advocacy skills workshops on everything from how to plan a neighborhood campaign, to safe street design for walking and cycling, to the ins and outs of zoning codes. 


how does it work?

Learn what works. Swap tips. Share your story.

At StreetsCamp, you hear from leaders in sustainable transportation and urban planning. But StreetsCamp is more than just workshops. Every attendee is a part of shaping and leading the day. Be prepared to get involved and meet people!

In the morning, local advocates and experts lead sessions on topics like campaign strategy, organizing, messaging and media, telling your story, safe street design, and more.

In the afternoon, StreetsCamp turns into an ‘unconference’ . That means session topics and activities will be suggested and organized by YOU and everyone attending!


2015 workshop presentations

Not all StreetsCamp 2015 sessions incorporated a PowerPoint presentation or handouts, but we've collected the materials and posted them here for those that did! 



StreetsCamp 2015 was made possible by these lead partners:


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